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CG Tutorial Master List

Here I’m collecting all the articles, tutorials and guides related to CG art that I’ve found useful or want to save for future reference. It’s also serving as a personal lesson guide. I’m constantly reorganizing and adding to this list as my understanding of the field grows and I find new material. If you know a good resource I should add, please feel free to comment or shoot me an email!

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Anatomy Resources:
CA Academy of Sciences 3D Skulls
Tree of Life Project
Digital Morphology (3D specimens)
Comparative Anatomy (Dr. Bret Kuss)
UCMP Vertebrate Flight Exhibit
Science of Falling Cats
Notes on Comparative Anatomy (Sydney Padua)
Notes on 4-Legged Walks (Sydney Padua)
Cat Anatomy Notes - the Spine (Sydney Padua)
Virtual Canine Anatomy Dissection
Smithsonian: Climate Effects on Human Evolution
Digital Archive of Carnivore & Ungulate Dentition
Smithsonian: 3D Fossil & Skeleton Collection
Bipedalism Doesn't Preclude Tree-Climbing
X-Ray Video of Dog Lapping
3D Representation of Goat Mastication
Morphology of Digital Creatures
The Bone-Man Archive

Art Resources:
Rigging Dojo
Posespace 360° Pose Tool
Drawing & Composition for Visual Storytelling
Understanding Composition (video)
How to Improve Your Character Drawing (Aaron Blaise)
Writing a Game Design Document
Art Renewal Center Archive

Favorite Artists:
Aaron Blaise | blog
(animator, wildlife artist)
Armand Baltazar
(painter, concept artist)
Beth Cavener
(animal sculptor)
Christian Alzmann
(illustrator, concept artist)
Claire Wendling
(illustrator, comics, character design)
Dennis Nolan
(children's book illustrator)
Emilio Sanchez Perrier
(landscape painter)
Iain McCaig
(concept artist, filmmaker)
James Gurney | blog
(painter, illustrator)
Joanna Quinn
Jin Kim
(animator, concept artist)
Kennis & Kennis
(paleo artists, sculptors)
Maxfield Parrish
(painter & illustrator)
Mauricio Antón | blog
(paleo artist, great blog posts)
Terryl Whitlatch
(creature designer, paleo artist)
Walton Ford
(naturalist painter, illustrator)
Xiangyuan Jie | film blog | blog
(portraits, landscapes, film painting)
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