Feed the Cat (Nov 2017)

Why do cats knock stuff over? This was a silly project for my storyboard portfolio. It was a lot of fun but it got a bit long! The continuity/eye-line is a little off in the middle – first it was a stack of cat food cans, but I started to change it to a plastic jar of kibble. It’s still rough, but I’m calling it done for now so I can move on to other stuff. And the moral is: feed the cat or it’ll jack up your renter’s insurance.

(action, comedy, urban)


The Neverending Story


Atreyu’s Existential Crisis (Nov 2017)

Another scene exploring Michael Ende’s “The Neverending Story”. This was a scene I thought about adding, that wasn’t in the original text, because I wanted to show Atreyu and Falkor trying to come to terms with being fictional characters. While the main arc of the book is Bastian’s story about losing and then learning to accept his true self, I think it’d be interesting to push the B-plot of Atreyu trying to build his own identity within/or despite the context of being imaginary.

(drama, fantasy, comedy)


Falkor Retrieves Auryn the Amulet (June 2017)

This is near the climax of the first act. Atreyu and Falkor have been separated in a storm while attempting to find the borders of Fantasia. This was a short little scene where Falkor searches for Atreyu and winds up recovering Auryn, the amulet that has been guiding their quest. He nearly gets caught by the Nothing. I think I padded it way more than needed, but I suppose it was good practice with Falkor… And I’ve been visualizing the Nothing as static, like the visual and auditory hallucinations you get when your senses are deprived of stimulus.

(action, suspense, fantasy)


Development Sketches


Atreyu and Artax Question Some Snakes (April 2017)

So here’s a little scene that was meant to be part of a larger sequence where Atreyu and Artax are searching for a way to cure the Childlike Empress and stop the Nothing. (Before they enter the Swamps of Sadness and Artax dies.)

This was my first experiment with The Neverending Story way back when I first picked up storyboarding again. I’d scrap this whole idea now.


(action, suspense, fantasy)


Life Drawing

Additional Sketches


Free Range (May 2013)

A fox with some very particular tastes goes “grocery shopping”, but things aren’t quite what they seem.

This was my first storyboard project, done for practice. I was working on it when I attended CTN for the first time and I got some very helpful feedback. The second half is much looser.

(suspense, comedy, rural)

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